Why Green Building Certification Is Beneficial To Your Commercial Property

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As a property developer, there is a vast assortment of decisions that you have to make so that your property will be financially profitable. Some of these decisions range from picking the best possible location to proximity to amenities, building design and so on. Another crucial decision that you should make for your commercial property is getting green building certification. However, some individuals will be looking to keep their construction costs low so that their property development project can break even in a short time. But if you want to have an edge against the completion, then this is a crucial aspect too. This piece looks at a few of the reasons why green building certification is beneficial to your commercial property.

Green building certification affords you significant utility savings

Running a commercial property is an expensive affair, but if you have full occupancy, then the building can quite literally pay for itself. Nevertheless, savvy business owners will look for the best ways to cost cut so that they can boost their bottom line as much as possible. With green building certification, you get to decrease the amount of money that you spend on both your electricity and water bills drastically. To do this, you need to integrate green building design in your property's construction. For example, the passive green building will work to make sure that your structure is not vulnerable to thermal loss during the cold months and thermal gain when the temperatures rise. On the other hand, including water efficient features ensures water conservation in your property.

Green building certification boosts tenant acquisition and increases retention

Another reason why you should get a green building certification for your property is to enhance its marketability. A good number of modern homeowners, especially millennials, place their focus on selecting a house that will not increase their impact on their environment. Thus, when you have a property that will help your tenants keep their carbon footprint low by utilising sustainable materials, you have a higher chance of attaining full occupancy. Green building certification does not only mean that your property was built eco-consciously. Another benefit of having green building certification is that prospective homeowners will be aware of the fact that living in that property will be much more comfortable and they will have good quality indoor air. And if you have taken the necessary measures to ensure that the property is as efficient as possible, you could even attract tenants by having their utilities included in their rent!

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