Why Using a Storage Unit for Business Documents Makes Sense

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When you're managing a business, you may find yourself constantly producing documents. Although online storage is an option, sometimes producing paper copies isn't. If you're looking for a reliable business documents storage solution, you may want to consider renting a unit.

May cost less than renting more office space 

Depending on the area your business is in you might find that renting a storage unit costs less than paying for more office space. For example, if you're renting an office space in some parts of the country, you may pay anything between $450-1150 per square foot. If the unit you're considering costs less, it makes sense to store documents there rather than pay for a bigger office.

Constant security

Office costs aside, when you want to keep documents safe you need to find a dependable solution. If the self-service storage unit you're considering features strong security, it makes sense to keep your documents there. To ensure you protect each box rigorously, consider investing in your own lock. Those that feature stainless steel and multiple locking points will bolster your documents' protection. Additionally, make sure you obtain your clients' permission if you intend to store information relating to their business offsite.

You may find it easier to meet tax record obligations

The Australian Taxation Office requires you to keep tax records five years after filing them. Such records include returns and any expenses you claim. If you're struggling to dedicate office space to your tax paperwork, consider using a business document storage unit. After clearly labelling the boxes, accessing essential evidence becomes easier if you face an audit. As a result, you could reduce the risk of fines and time-consuming searches. 

Essential tips for successful business document storage

If you feel as though renting a unit is right for your business, take the necessary steps to keeping your documents safe. Make sure you seal everything in air-tight packaging. While most self-storage units make every effort to prevent damp, it's always worth providing your own layer of protection. Additionally, raise boxes from the floor using palettes or shelving. Keeping boxes away from the floor reduces the risk of damage should an adverse weather event occur, such as floods.

Providing you adhere to data protection laws, using a storage unit for business documents can make your life easier. From enhancing your approach to organisation to cutting the costs of office space, there are plenty of benefits to this approach.