How to Make Sure That Drivers Are Safe on Your Private Roads

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There's an ever-increasing number of private roads across Australia, some of which are meant to provide public access from point-to-point and command tolls and others which service fully private facilities. If you're charged with the responsibility of creating some new arteries as part of a major construction project, you'll want to make sure that they are fully functional, as safe as possible and give you a return on your investment. Why should you put a lot of your focus into road markings?

Seeing the Light

Technology has come a long way in recent years to ensure that motorists are as safe as possible in a variety of different road conditions. Engineers know that poor visibility is a major cause of traffic accidents, both multivehicle and single, and have taken great steps to overcome these issues. In particular, they know that a driver can often be blinded by a vehicle driving in the opposite direction at night and if the road is poorly marked, the risk of an accident increases exponentially.

While you may not expect very high volumes of traffic on your road network, you must always anticipate issues and be prepared for bad driving conditions. It's your responsibility to make sure that any visitors are as safe as possible, and you must embrace the concept of retro-reflectivity.

Reflective Technology

When your road markings are carefully planned, the materials contained within will be able to reflect light through a 180° angle. This means that when the light from an approaching vehicle hits a specific point it will be reflected back through miniature glass beads, to enhance the marking and give the driver additional information.

These glass beads are mixed into the paint before it is applied and are relatively easy to introduce as the marking process unfolds. Thousands of beads will be included, and there will always be a layer on top once everything has dried out. It's possible to add a specific pigment during the process as well, to change the colour of the reflected light and to give an additional warning if it is needed.


You can tailor-make the level of retro-reflectivity. You can make the material very conspicuous, so the driver can see it from a great distance, no matter what the conditions. Alternatively, you can make it particularly luminescent, so that it is always within the driver's field of vision even if they're not looking directly at it.

Your Responsibility

Make sure that you use the latest technology when you finish off your road network. Always talk with professionals who are familiar with line-marking products so that you can keep all your visitors safe.